Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love in Your Blood

Here is a song I just finished writing. We did some more advanced EQing (is that a word?) so it sounds a little more refined. Enjoy!

Here are the lyrics:

Love in Your Blood
By Jonathan Wright

Verse 1
There is love in your blood
every drop in the dust
how can it be how can it be
that you loved me to death

There is love in your flesh
you wanted me to live
how can it be how can it be
as your skin ripped from bone

how can it be how can it be
that you loved me
as I pressed the crown of thorns
on your innocent head

how can it be how can it be
that you loved me
as I lifted the cross
which was your deathbed
how can it be

Verse 2
There is love in your eye
as you search the dark sky
for a sign of your Father
and his love for you

There is love in your breath
as you cough up the blood
that leaves you white as death
there is so much love

and every ounce of that blood
bought so many lives
and every pang of the pain
opened our eyes

Monday, November 23, 2009

New Song: Bleak House

Hi guys!
I know I haven't posted in a while, because I've been really busy with violin concerts etc. However, I have been recording songs! The problem is the songs I've been recording have been really difficult to edit. That's another reason why I haven't posted anything.
This song is about someone who believes there's nothing more to them than what's on the outside. Here's the lyrics:
Bleak House

By Jonathan Wright

This is just a bleak house
there's nothing more to me
empty rooms reveal
another empty feeling
from my heart

Gray the house I live in is gray
there are one-way windows looking out

movement around me
no movement within me

Hope you enjoy the song!