Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Song: The Finish LIne

Hello, friends!

This is my first "official" (with lyrics and almost properly recorded) song in a while. The EQing on my voice is pretty bad, and as you know, I'm not a very good singer. (some of the parts are rather horrendous) Don't worry, it's not just me and a piano, so be patient! When I wrote it, I was pretty much obsessed with it, so I hope you like it too - Jon

Verse 1
An ounce away from a quart of blood
but then again, the blood’s still coming
A foot away from a pile of gold
but then again, you gotta live to take it

Verse 2
And when the blood was still in your veins
you wanted nothing more than to hold it
but now that it’s left what good would gold do
in your arms that couldn’t even feel it

And the body that used every ounce of it’s strength
to grasp those very pieces
is now lying dead on the ground in a
dark mine with no one to shed a tear

What good did you do?
like a honeybee making honey only to have it stolen
your race has finished
but you never crossed the line
somewhere along the way
the corpse lies under the ground

Chorus 2
This is your story it could have been quite a tall tail
but you ran the wrong direction the whole time