Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Song: Undone

Another new song is here! Since David's been home we've been able to record these. Unfortunately, that will stop soon. I wrote this song a few months ago. The song closely parallels the themes of The Good The Bad And The Ugly, although I had not seen the film when I wrote this song. Hope you enjoy!

This time we won’t get away
this time its not gonna be ok
this time when the freight train comes
it’ll be an empty one
and the noose will be tied around your head

we’ve been friends for a long long time
we’ve gone through the fire together
but now it’s come down to life and death
you’ll be the one underground

because I don’t value you more you value me
so the test is who’s quicker with the gun
and with this smoking barrel that some call
the law in my hand everything we’ve
shared has come undone

this time I’m gonna let go
this time there are no second choices
to get me out alive
and the years past will simply fade


  1. Legit. My favorite of all you've written so far. Your singing has really improved! Like... I'd download this. even if I didn't know you.

  2. Hi my name is lauren, I'm fourteen and I'm like you, i wright songs except i dont really share them. Just so you know you helped me get past one of the biggest brain farts ive ever had. You inspired me to finish my song that I've been battling over for eight months. Its finished so if you want to check it out, I should have it on my page "PLOG" within the month. Come see what you inspired!